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It’s an enigmatic strip of land located in the Southwestern coast of the Indian peninsula. Travellers from the ancient times have thronged the shores of this serene coast mesmerised by natural bliss and resources. Kerala – hailed across the world as the God’s Own Country – is beyond doubt a visitor’s paradise in so many ways. One of the highly visited tourism destinations in the world, Kerala, just like every other tourism hotspot in the world, has remained shut through the course of this pandemic.

Now, as the vaccination drive has been increasing with every single day in the State, Kerala has opened again to welcome the visitors. With over half of the State’s population vaccinated with at least one dose, Kerala is fast flattening the curve again and has been deemed safe. Especially with regard to the tourism sector, the Government of Kerala is on a mission to make the State a 100% vaccinated tourism destination by fully vaccinating its important tourism locations. Thus, Kerala is now back to welcome you to a world of fascinating experiences.

Why Kerala? Why now?

What Kerala offers to a traveller is a host of enchanting, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Hills, beaches, forests, culture, cuisine, art, architecture – you name the segment, Kerala has it all. No wonder it is held high among the must-visit destinations in the world, as suggested by various international organisations. No matter what the season is, you will have an escape to make that would keep you cozy and wondered. At this point, the monsoons have just receded. Kerala is at its lushest self, with the signature greenery blooming in full beauty. The climate is comfortable, being not too warm or wet. You can travel around the State and experience the richness of Kerala in all its glory.

Besides, this is one time when you will be able to catch hold of amazing offers given by resorts and travel agencies. With the State ready to open up to the travellers again, you could stand the advantage of fetching the best deals which would let you have the best of luxurious stays.

The Alleppey experience

Alleppey is among the most sought-after destinations not just within Kerala, but India. The enthralling backwaters and sun-kissed beaches of the town has been a source of enchantment to visitors from far and wide. No trip to Kerala is complete without a backwater cruise in a well-appointed houseboat. Be lost in the lushness of greenery around as you sail peacefully along unending stretches of coconut palms and lagoons. Be amazed at the uniqueness of the village life along the banks. Be mesmerised by the greatness of Nature that unfurls itself before your very eyes. All this, at the safety and comfort of your gorgeous sailing vessel.

Spice Route is one of the largest and finest luxury houseboat service providers in Alleppey. So how about planning a trip with us! Great deals and amazing service is more than an assurance. Do visit our website to know more on the packages. If you need it more specific, we can custom-make one for you as well. Looking forward to welcoming you aboard.

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